• BEV Origanoo and BEV Devanthar are playing Botlane for our League of Legends team Hydra for over two years now and have played in and won countless LANs and tournaments. Known for their mechanical skills and love for the game they share their knowledge about the game and the Swiss League of Legends scene in the following interview.

    Hello everybody and thanks for tuning in. I'm here in the beautiful canton Ticino with BEV Devanthar and BEV Origanoo, the Botlane of our League of Legends team Binary Evasion Hydra and they have kindly given us the opportunity to do this short interview. Could you please introduce yourselves?
    Origanoo: Hello everyone, I'm BEV Origanoo, the Support of the team BEV Hydra.
    Devanthar: And I'm Sebi Renggli, the AD Carry of the team BEV Hydra.

    Ok, on to the first question: How did you get into League of Legends and what led you to join*Binary*Evasion?

    D: I just downloaded and played it because my three brothers played it, played along with them in a team and one day we made it pretty far in the go4lol tournament for a Swiss team at the time. One day, our team captain, I think it was you (BEV TheNonsense), was asked to join Binary Evasion by their manager.
    O: I played World of Warcraft with my cousin and at some point he started palying League of Legends and told that it was much better than WoW. Then I too downloaded it and started playing all the time. Later in highschool I was in class with Sebi (BEV Devanthar) because he had to repeat the year. Then I learned that they were looking for a support and I agreed to joining.

    Can you explain how you got on the team even though you were in Bronze at the very beginning?
    O: Well I was in Platinum at that point.
    D: Yeah, after you wanted to get on the team and we Duo-Queued a lot.
    O: Exactly. I wanted to proof myself to the team.
    I think that shows how fast you can be promoted if you show enough dedication. It took around a month, right?
    D: I think so. We won almost every game.

    You've been around in the Swiss eSports scene for a long time, two years at least. What would you say is your fondest memory of that time, what is your favorite moment so far?

    D: Hm, I'd say for me the best event for us was the PolyLAN, because there were so many people (over 1000), it was very well organized and we placed third in the tournament.
    O: My first LAN was the Gamethat in which we placed first, that was very nice.

    Now on to your team, we know that you're not the only members. Can you describe each of your four other teammates in 3 words?

    BEV Devanthar - solo-queue troll and ELO-addicted
    BEV Spinzaku - lively, funny, leadership
    BEV Talosin - leader, headman, shot caller (together with Spinzaku)
    BEV Kummerkasten - good, positive attitude
    BEV Pesche - funny, weird in a positive way

    BEV Origanoo - very big troll
    BEV Spinzaku - solid, fails rarely, sadly he doesn't play Nidalee
    BEV Talosin - shot caller (who sometimes hates his own calls), Dignitas Fan (Baron throws)
    BEV Kummerkasten - good, dies at level 2
    BEV Pesche - funny personality, Solo-Queue Feeder, learns fast

    What's your favorite champion at the moment and can you give us some tips with that champ?

    O: I think Karma is my favorite champion. Hit your Q's. (Laughs)
    D: My favorite champ is basically also Karma, Nidalee is the best to carry with but Karma is my favourite. I play her Mid and Top, but if I have to Support the AD Carry won't get farm. I use a very offensive 21 offense Mastery Page and play her full AP, no defensive items. And for the tips: Try to completely deny your enemy their farm both in Mid and Top.

    And, since you're an AD Carry, what's your favorite AD Carry?

    D: That changes every third day.

    Ok, now on to the next question: Regarding solo-queue, you both are ranked really high and you've both made it to diamond 1. Can you give some tips for those who want to get as high as you?

    D: The most important tip is to have fun.
    O: Play again.
    D: That's right. It doesn't matter if you lose a game. Play again.
    O: There are no cursed days.
    D: There is only Evelynn. (Laughs) Also, if you happen to have a troll on your team, don't flame him. Chat restriction is not worth it.

    Thanks for your helpful tips. Now, there are different things than only solo-queue. What do you think is the most important thing when playing as a team?

    O: Good plans.
    D: Clear calls.
    D: Jokes aside, to build a good team you need to find four people that you really like to play with, and you have to play often. You should get along with everyone and you shouldn't have anyone on the team whom you hate. I think that is the most important thing.
    O. You should also make sure that everyone is happy with their role in the team. You shouldn't have someone on the team that actually doesn't want his role. That was the case with me in the beginning. I really didn't want to play support, but now it's my favorite role.

    How strong do you think your team is at the moment and what are your goals for the upcoming LAN-season?

    D: I estimate that we are in the top three, after eSharks, but I'm not sure if we could beat them because we haven't really played against them with our new Midlaner. But I think Momentum, eSharks, SMP and Binary Evasion make up the top four, now that the Heimerdongers disbanded.
    TheNonsense: That isn't very clear yet, but there are rumors.
    D: Yeah, one of them is now in the LCS. (Airwaks)

    You in your role have surely played against many opponents in Switzerland. What is the one support for BEV Origanoo and AD Carry for BEV Devanthar that you respect the most outside of Binary Evasion?

    D: For me, there are two ad-carries that I respect the most: BEV Sharper and eShark Lynxxx, although I don't like eShark Lynxxx that much because he only plays Caitlyn and I despise that champ.
    O: I think for me it's eSharks Eisi because playing Botlane was always hard against him.
    Imagine you're a viewer or a fan. Now besides skill, who would be your favorite Swiss player outside of Binary Evasion?
    D: As a spectator, it would definitely be Sakrod, because he does things like Volibear and Zilean Mid, and he is also a pretty nice person.
    O: I also thought of Sakrod.

    For our last question, what piece of advice would you give an aspiring Swiss LoL player who wants to become part of the Swiss eSports scene?

    D: Most importantly: you have to show presence. You should build a team with your friends, no matter how good or bad you are, go to LANs and play in tournaments and at some point you might join a clan or team or you just make your own.
    O: Same as in the question before: Make a team with four guys you like and go to LANs. Online tournaments, too.
    D: Yeah, going to LANs and playing in tournaments is the most important thing.

    Thanks for giving the interview! Would you like to give any shoutouts?
    O: Of course we would like to thank our sponsors: Lanforge, Cannibal Development, Drinkstore, I am premium beer
    D: And Red Bull, who always help us at LANs, Wandelware and twitch.tv.

    [completely unsuspicious laughing]

    We'll end the interview in agood mood. Thanks to you for giving the interview and thanks to the viewers/readers for watching/reading! We had fun creating it. Goodbye!

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