• It is almost impossible to not notice Hearthstone's rising popularity. Hearthstone streams are competing with League of Legends and Dota 2 in terms of viewership, tournaments are popping up left and right bothon- and offline, and everybody's talking about it. As a clan we are always aiming to stay as relevant and up to date as we possibly can and went searching for the best and most promising Hearthstone talents in Switzerland.

    Our finalized roster features six ambitious players who will attend and compete in various on- and offline tournaments, exchange strategy and play under the name of Binary Evasion. We won't keep you on tenterhooks any longer, here's the line-up:

    • Patrick 'Shiru' Muenger - Captain
    • Deniz 'Zonkey' Tosoni
    • Patrick 'Drasch' Stauffer
    • Mihajlo 'Darkmight' Djokic
    • Nicolas 'Ryuz' Brizuela
    • Luca 'Murdy' Suter

    So far many of them have competed in the TT eSport Summer Challenge tournaments and will do so today as well. You can catch some of the action on darmkights and Zonkys stream, which will be up and running today starting at 16:00 http://www.twitch.tv/darkm1ght and http://www.twitch.tv/zedonkk. Until the coming LAN season, our players will mainly participate in the various ESL cups and of course climb up the Hearthstone ladders, with some of them already having reached legendary in the past.

    Statement Patrick 'Shiru' Muenger:
    Hi my Name is Patrick 'Shiru' Muenger, im 20 years old and work as a truckdriver for a Swiss Company. I started to play Hearthstone about one month ago. Until I started to play Hearthstone I was teamcaptain of the National Team Alpen "Fusion from Austria and Swiss". But for schedule reasons I had to stop. Since Esport is my biggest passion I startet to play Hearthstone, and immidiatly fell in love with this game.

    Im proud to be part of the house of Binary Evasion. I heard many good things about the clan and its teams. I will give my best to farm honor and victorys in the Hearthstone scene.
    Statement Mihajlo 'Darkmight':
    "Since I first started following the E-Sports scene I wanted to play competitively myself. After two ESL tournaments I was approached by TheNonsense who gave me the opportunity to play for Binary Evasion, which I gladly accepted. I'm looking forward to playing in online and Lan tournaments as a part of the BEV Hearthstone team."
    Statement Patrick 'Drasch' Stauffer:
    Binary Evasion wishes these promising players all the best and is looking forward to supporting and working with them. Behold the might of Binary Evasion!
    I'm happy to exchange decks and strategies with a good Hearthstone team. I am also happy to be abel to play with the name Binary Evasion.
    Statement Nicolas 'Ryuz' Brizuela:
    I started playing regularly ESL tournaments a few weeks ago that allowed me to greatly improve the quality of my decks. These good results were be spotted by TheNonsense who offered me a place in the BEV HearthStone Team.

    Although the eSports scene is a completely new experience for me, I'll always give 200% to reach my goals and try to consistently improve myself.
    Statement Deniz 'Zonkey' Tosoni:
    I used to play LoL for BEV already some time ago and I'm happy to say that I am back, this time for Hearthstone.
    I always liked the friendly atmosphere of this clan and I'm hoping to participate and hopefully win some tournaments
    Binary Evasion wishes these promising players all the best and is looking forward to supporting and working with them. Behold the might of Binary Evasion!
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    1. EcrOp's Avatar
      BEV.EcrOp -
      Welcome guys
    1. Shiru's Avatar
      Shiru -
      Thank you for all
    1. Spinzaku's Avatar
      BEV.Spinzaku -
      Hope to see you guys at some LANs
    1. Sane's Avatar
      BEV.Sane -
      welcome on the desk
    1. TheNonsense's Avatar
      BEV.TheNonsense -
      Glad to welcome you guys! Let's rock some tournaments and LANs!
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