• On Saturday the 14. of June we officially celebrated the grand opening of our brand new bootcamp location in Embrach ZH. Our two new gaming rooms leave enough space for up to 10 PC's and are equipped with a TV, many consoles, a whiteboard to discuss strategy and more. The location will mainly be used by our League of Legends team Phoenix, but all of our players are allowed to come for a visit or a training session. Additionally, the BEV Bootcamp Location provides us with a space to host events and gatherings.

    To get a better idea of how our Bootcamp location looks like, feel free to join us in our tour!



    We especially want to thank our Sponsors, Lanforge, Drink Energy and Red Bull for their support!

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    1. TheNonsense's Avatar
      BEV.TheNonsense -
      Was an awesome day we spent together! Looking forward to using the new bootcamp to its fullest!
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