• Silvan 'Spinzaku' Renggli is one of the founding members of our League of Legends team Hydra and has played in and won countless LANs and tournaments. Known for his consistency and laid-back yet success-oriented attitude the 19 year old player and teamcaptain shares his knowledge about the game and the Swiss League of Legends scene in the following interview.

    Hello everyone and hello BEV Spinzaku! First of all I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to do this interview with you. Could you please introduce yourself?
    Silvan 'Spinzaku' Renggli: I'm Silvan Renggli, also known as Spinzaku, captain of the Swiss League of Legends team Binary Evasion Hydra and I play toplane.

    Ok, on to the first question: How did you get into League of Legends and what led you to join Binary Evasion?
    Well, I started playing with my brothers: You (BEV TheNonsense) and BEV Devanthar. At first we just played for fun, but then we formed a team with two of your classmates and we started participating in tournaments in which we got pretty far for a Swiss team at the time. After that, the manager of Binary Evasion asked us to join their clan and we thought "why not" and so far it went quite well.

    You've been part of the Swiss eSport Scene for quite a few years now. What would you say is your fondest memory of your time with Binary Evasion?
    There are many. One of the best is the time we played at Gamethat LAN against the team whose members eventually formed mYinsanity Heimerdongers and eSharks Megalodon, because that was the first time we faced real competition at a LAN party. That was a nice final which we eventually managed to win. And, a bit more recently, we unexpectedly took third place at the PolyLAN with a fun-team, which felt great.

    Nice. Now tell us a bit about your team Binary Evasion Hydra. How would you describe each of your teammates with three words?
    • BEV Devanthar (AD Carry) - Solo-Queue champion
    • BEV Origano (Support) - lively, loud, funny
    • BEV Talosin (Jungler) - serious, motivated, purposeful
    • BEV Kummerkasten (Midlane) - calming, kind, mechanically talented
    • BEV Pesche (Substitute) - funny, special personality

    What's your favorite champion at the moment and can you give us some tips with that champ?
    This season, my favorite champion is Irelia, which I have already played in over a hundred games. A little trick most people might already know is that you can press Q and get a reset, so you can hit a low HP minion with Q, use E on your enemy and get another Q in right away to chase them. What most people underestimate is that if you have Hiten Style turned on and you have a Trinity Force, you can usually one hit a caster minion and use this trick without the need for a low HP minion.

    What is, in your opinion, the most important thing when it comes to Solo-Queue?
    Don't rage. Play the same champ over and over again to get an edge on people who have to manage a bigger champion pool and don't give up so easily and keep on playing even if things start looking bad!

    Besides Solo-Queue, what do you think is the most important thing when it comes to succeeding as a team?
    It's important to use your advantages. If you manage to get a lead you have to react quickly and work towards an objective as a team, without everybody doing his own thing, e.g. someone farming in a different lane.

    How strong do you think your team is at the moment and what are your goals for the upcoming LAN-season?
    At the moment, we're one of the top teams and usually stand amongst the top three at LANs. If we manage to stay motivated and practice enough, I think it should be possible to win every LAN. Not an easy task, but I'm confident we can do it if we put enough effort in.

    You said that it will be a though season. Who do you think are your strongest opponents?
    E-Sharks with Sakrod is definitely a difficult opponent, because they've played together for almost as long as we have and keep performing well. Then, mYinsanity's Heimerdongers are also difficult, because they are all really good Solo-Queue Players and usually beat us in the Laning-Phase, so we will have to practice soloqueue a lot. SMP also has two very good veterans which could prove to be dangerous, however, they don't have a botlane at the moment so it'll come down to wheter they will find a good botlane or not.

    So you've played against a lot of Swiss toplaners so far. If you had to choose the one you respect most, who would that be?
    That would be The Elite Player. He's very high rated in Solo-Queue and he's been around since the first Gamethat LAN. I like him, but at the moment he's still a good chunk ahead of me and that's why I respect him the most.

    Who is favorite Swiss player that doesn't play in Binary Evasion?
    I think that is Sakrod. He's a challenger player, but out of all the challenger players that I know, he's the nicest of them. He's always up for a chat or fun-games and not only plays Solo-Queue. It's always nice to be around the E-Sharks team generally.

    For our last question, what piece of advice would you give an aspiring Swiss LoL player who wants to become part of the Swiss E-Sports scene?
    Well, you can go to the various community sites: The Swiss League of Legends Facebook group, SMP, Fightgenossen or our new Forum. There you should look for a team and go to LANs, or attend the Lanforge events which are coming up, where you'll be able to meet other players and get involved in the scene.

    Thanks for giving the interview! Would you like to give any shoutouts?
    Yes, I'd like to thank you for doing the interview, the BEV management and of course our sponsors: Lanforge, twitch.tv, Wandelware, Cannibal development, Drinkstore, I am premium Beer and Red Bull who keep supporting us at LANs and generally help us out!

    If you have any questions for Spinzaku you can ask them here: his AMA Thread!
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